There are moments when we give up, when the towel lies on the floor, discolored with blood. There are moments when time stops in our mind and the breath becomes quiet. There are moments when the soul leaves the body and the water stands still, when the eyes are closed and the smell is away. There are moments when the tops are cut and valleys are filled. the surface is smooth and everyone equal. There are moments when we are trying without achieving anything, when everything is indifferent, as if we have nothing to lose. There are moments when everything is immobile, like we never grow old. Or have existed. There are moments when we are lost in our desire to feel, as we slowly slide toward the sore edge of a thought, where we are looking for our lost world. Or for a one that never will come. There are moments when we dare to admit our weakness and be human. There are moments when we realize that we have to stop for a moment, when a friend wants to say goodbye.
Olja på duk, 80 x 100 cm
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